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Cornucopia of vegetable delights await! April 10, 2006

Posted by merp in Gardening.

The big project the last 2 weekends was The Garden! It’s finally time to start gardening! Here it is on 4/8:


Jenny and I spent the afternoon of Saturday 4/1 preparing a plot at her building (with landlord’s permission) according to Square Foot Gardening
principles. Except not so squarish. Mr. B. would no doubt be horrified by our curvy, concentric design, but we think it’s rather pretty.

And we do have squares:


The plot was gardened a couple of years ago by previous tenants and already had that great rabbit fencing up. It was covered with black plastic and weed cloth, so there were very few weeds to pull up and whole civilizations of earthworms living in harmony in the black earth. Also not a few of these: snake
So no need to do a full-on Lasagna. We just added edging (of salvaged scrap lumber and bricks and second-hand edging from Homeworks) and filled the plots with half-rotted leaves, sifted compost from the Park District and several bags of organic topsoil. Good to go!

Last week, Jenny planted sugar snap peas, mesclun mix, lettuce, parsley and kale. Inside she has some seedlings started–tomatoes, peppers, basil. The mesclun had already started to come up this Saturday:


And this weekend, Aaron and I started to put in an herb patch in front of our building. There’s nothing like cooking with fresh-cut herbs. Here’s before (a few weeks ago):

And today (Still needs more soil on top and brick edging needs to be stuck in the ground):



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