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Your quad-weekly puppy update April 6, 2006

Posted by merp in Music, Pisco!.

Today he’s 20 weeks! (Note the clean kitchen floor–Pisco’s contribution to housekeeping!) He’s 25 lbs and 16″ tall at the shoulder. This is what she predicted his adult size might be! His paws say he’s got a ways to go.
We’ve just started our second session of basic manners at Moongazer, after *acing* the final last week (and biting me on the butt in front of god and everybody).

So Lisa at Moongazer says no more rough-housing with other puppies–he’s learning all the wrong behaviors and transferring them onto us, snapping and lunging when he wants to gain control of the situation. When he’s completely clear that we’re in charge *and* we have something he wants, he is all brains and patience. But when he gets annoyed or frustrated, he’s a toothy brat. (He actually has fewer teeth than ever right now, half-gummy like a second-grader.)

I played the accordion for him for the first time today. That stunned him. He’s so cute when he puckers up and howls!

There’s a pisco3 album up on winkflash now.



1. Mickey - April 8, 2006

I love how he’s got the intermittent-floppy thing goin’ on. I’d take a link for the album, if you’re inclined to email it to me. I’m way stressed right now, so cute pics of puppies would be greatly appreciated.

2. merp - April 8, 2006

Yeah, it’s consistently right up and left down this week. When he looks up at you like that. And when he’s really sleepy at the end of the day, his ears have no structural support whatsoever. They’d just fall off if they weren’t attached.

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