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Ladies & Gentlemen, We Have Erection! March 15, 2006

Posted by merp in Pisco!.

Pisco’s ears are up! (Recent surgery notwithstanding.) Doesn’t he look like a shiba inu now?

And he’s gained 1.5 lbs since Friday.




1. Mickey - March 16, 2006

He does look rather shiba-inu-ish! Although I thought the flopped-over ears were darling. I guess he had to put on some weight to make up for the couple ounces he lost. Or maybe it’s like when they made men into eunuchs, they tended to get fat…

2. Rebecca - March 20, 2006

I also thought the floppy ears were very cute, but I suppose he has to grow up from being a puppy or you will go crazy! I can;t wait to meet him and snuggle Fritz.

Does the gentle leader work well?

Do you have the plans that Aaron used to make Fritz’s cat tree? We ordered an enormous ugly one for Homer (see David’s blog) and sent it back.

3. merp - March 21, 2006

The gentle leader is INDISPENSABLE. That’s what i have to say about that.

I think Aaron kind of made up his own plans, but he did base it off of something he found here: http://amby.com/cat_site/cattree.html.

And he looks forward to meeting you! And probably biting you, though we’ll try & dissuade him.

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