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16 weeks and the Big Change! March 11, 2006

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Here’s Pisco last night, after advancing to the ranks of the sexually unmaturable. He’s doing very well but says the collar totally sucks.

(the bandana was a free gift from the vet for being such a brave boy)

He’s now 4 mos. old and nearly 16 lbs, roughly 15 inches at the shoulder (up from 10″ in the first week we had him). To us he seems HUGE, but his classmates’ parents coo at how “tiny” he is!

Pisco’s a big schoolboy now. He goes to free puppy kindergarten at the vet every Tuesday and paid puppy basic manners every Wednesday at Moongazer.

[studying hard]

He’s very quick to learn, but stubborn, stubborn, stubborn if he doesn’t want to do it. And still completely unable to sit still for longer than 35 seconds (except when asleep or cuddly). The teacher at Moongazer is no nonsense–the dogs simply have to do what you say, no excuses. So more long training ahead, but classes *really* help.

He’s completely mastered (unless he doesn’t feel like it):
“Sit” & “Down” (since age 9 wks)
“Go get it” (fetch) (without droping the toy since early on; now starting to drop it)
“Go find Aaron/Tanya”
“Keep up” (on leash)
“Are you a good boy?” (Taught himself to sit & down when I ask what I thought was a rhetorical question)

Making excellent progress on:
“Off” (as in, don’t touch this kibble till I say you can)
“Come” (the serious command; “Pisco c’mon” usually works fine)
“No” (as in, stopping what he’s doing right away; but then he just resumes it if we don’t intervene)

Needs work:
“Off” (as in stop jumping up on people and biting them)
“Drop it” (but maybe “off” is supposed to replace this)
“Heel” (just started this week–really bad at this)
“No bite”
“Stay” (we started the prep exercise for this this week)

I’ve put up another month’s worth of Pisco photos on winkflash. If you want the album password, email me.

Meanwhile, there’s a Big Change in the air around here. Yesterday we saw our first robin, crocuses in bloom, and our first cockroach in the sink! Jenny’s hay fever has started up and the tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth are poking up out of the ground in a committed sort of way.


Actually most of these came up weeks ago during some of those unseasonable false starts and then got frizzled by cold snaps.

But it really feels like spring might be for real now. Time to start gardening.

…Everybody likes movie time.

sleepy P



1. Mickey - March 11, 2006

Awww… cute puddy! I love his choice of reading materials. It’s high time he started learning which species is superior so that Fritz can have some peace. 😉 That’s a wonderful pic of Fritz, too.

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