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Frosted Glass–my new thing February 25, 2006

Posted by merp in Crafts.

As of December, that is. It’s really easy. I got the idea from this craftster thread: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=17742.0

First, I made a set of 4 beer steins for Aaron for Hannukah. For Quantum Cat Beer, his label (TM, copyright, whatever). When he perfects a beer that needs a label, you see. Schroedinger’s Cat escapes!

Mugs 1 & 2 (with hibiscus tea):

Mug 3 (with cran-apple juice)
[we do drink beer in these, honest]

Mug 4, front & back (Red Hook ESB):

[the frosting looks uneven because the mug was damp when the picture was taken]

And then in January I did this glass for a craftster swap. It says “serenity” in Chinese and is taken from the logo of the movie by that name (the swap theme):


And finally, for my nephew’s 10th birthday, my nephew the avid birder and Seahawks fan, a blue glass with an osprey (a seahawk, basically) on one side and his initials on the other:
[sorry these are so hard to see–the crumpled paper wasn’t a good idea]

Now, is it environmentally safe….?


1. Mickey - February 26, 2006

Now, is it environmentally safe….?

Probably not… but it’s pretty!

2. vanessa - March 1, 2006

wow, these look awesome! i love the cat.

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