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12 weeks old, and nearly erect! February 9, 2006

Posted by merp in Pisco!.

Happy birthday, Pisco! And congrats to us for having a puppy for 1 month without killing it! Or each other!


He is over 9 lbs now, well over twice what he was four weeks ago.

As you can see, his ears are almost up. Here’s a review of the process:

The original, floppy Pisco:


A little lift, Jan 23:


Preview, Feb. 2:


Right-side-up, Feb. 2:

feb 2feb 2b

Barely flopped, Feb. 6:


And if this is not enough puppy portraiture for you, I’ve added a bunch in my winkflash album (same one as before–if you want the access info, email me).



1. Mickey - February 11, 2006

Aww, da floppy ears! Der so cute dey make me want to talk babytalk at them. Look at da cutie widdle ears!

*smacks self*

Seriously, I think it’s kinda sad his ears will unflop eventually. They’re fearsome cute in floppy form. When I had a sheltie, we used to put gum in her ears to see if we could *make* them flop (it’s a show trait, on which we very quickly gave up), but she just had naturally perky ears.

2. merp - February 12, 2006

Yes, it is with some regret that we watch the ears go up, but it also gives us something to look forward to. They seem stuck at this stage, though, with a little yoda flop on the ends. (He looks exactly like Yoda when he eats.) (Except for no wrinkles.) (And not grey-green.) (Also would just eat a light saber.)

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