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Mid-winter knitting FOs February 1, 2006

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

A marathon post just to get up to date….Completed a bunch of small projects for and around Christmas. [for those of you not internet knitting junkies, FO=”finished object”]

And here they are:

First, birthday sweater for nephew on his 2nd birthday, Dec. 5. The pattern was the Child’s Guernsey from Debbie Bliss’s book How to Knit.

The yarn was Austerman Peru alpaca in “palace blue.” I had to resize the pattern to one size smaller than the smallest one given. Somehow, it worked out. Except for the neck–I bound off too tightly and had to modify the neck with buttons so it would go over his head! But everyone seemed to like that look, so OK. The project turned out well, the sweater is nice, but so impractical for a toddler. I mean, it’s downright elegant. And took forever with such a small gauge! Quick knits, Tanya, think quick knits.

Abatts! (=”elephant”)

Then there was the shawl I made for my step-grandmother, in Knitpicks Merino Style, in “fog.” The pattern was Lily Chin’s “easy lace shawl.” Yes, it was very easy. Good learning project. I started it in October to get the hang of how one does a lace shawl, then set it aside to work on Cozy for my other Grandma, then got back to this one in time for Xmas.

I made legwarmers for my sister, using Stephanie Japel’s Postmodern Legwarmers pattern on Knitty with two strands of Schoeller Stahl Merino Stretch:

And then there was Mr. Dangly! His pattern can be found here.

I knew my nephew wasn’t at all into stuffed toys, but I just had to make this monkey for Christmas. So I did. And he loves it! Here’s what my sister says:

“Mr Dangly (he goes by just “Monkey” now – not creative, I know) will not die a mangly death….He gets lovingly put to bed every night. Last night this routine was expanded to include Percy the Choo Choo and Bertie the Bus, who were put to bed nestled in Monkey’s dangly arms. My fear for Monkey is not a mangly death, actually, but a wet one. T. is trying to potty train him. So far I’ve managed to intercept each time but I fear he may get dropped in there when I’m not looking.”

Not sure what he’s doing in this picture, but I’m sure it’s loving…

Let’s see…and then there was the Debbie Bliss baby kimono sweater from Baby Style, in Knitpicks Merino Style strawberry & crocus. That was for another nephew, just 4 mos. old. A very easy, super-cute sweater. But it took a lot longer than anticipated because it’s in garter stitch. That means a zillion more rows per inch than regular stockinette stitch.





1. Mickey - February 2, 2006

Another nephew? Did Vanessa have another?

2. merp - February 2, 2006

Ah, no. My stepsister and her husband had a baby boy in August! I am now well supplied with nephews. Plus Aaron’s little brother is still a kid, and my Salt Lake cousin has a little boy. It’s boys all around!

Thanks for posting a comment, Mickey!

3. vanessa - February 2, 2006

No no no no Vanessa did not have another!
In the pic, T is tickling Mr Dangly.

4. Jan Cooper - February 23, 2010

Wow, what a great kimono!

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