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Xin Nian Kuai Le! January 29, 2006

Posted by merp in Fritz!, Pisco!.

Happy Chinese New Year!
It is the year of the dog, and will it ever be for us!

[Pisco at 10 weeks–ears starting to straighten!]

So, in Pisco News, the little guy is now 6 lbs, up from just over 4 lbs when we got him 2.5 weeks ago. Most of that weight was gained in a 10-day period! Continuing at this rate, we extrapolate that he should surpass Fritz in another 6 weeks. Fritz has been warned.

Several things, good & bad, have conspired in the last few days to make him much more respectful of our authority. We went to the vet on Thursday to get a second round of vaccinations, allowing us to take WALKS! Yay! Burns up all that puppy energy in stimulating, focused, round-the-block trips, good for humans, too! (Especially once he really gets his legs.) He’s so good on the leash when we’re walking (not so much around home).

[No, his eyes aren’t blue–it’s just the flash]

Secondly, he seems to have hit his “fear period” all of a sudden–a few weeks of anxiety normal for puppies between 8 & 12 weeks, according to the books. Now, for Pisco, “fear” mostly just means being aware of sudden noises and “No!” as possibly being relevant to his life for the first time. He’s still a pretty courageous puppy. But he is getting a little neurotic about being left alone.

[Look at this picture sideways for a preview of the ears to come]

Thirdly, the vet recommended deprivation over any of the confrontational methods we’ve been trying to express dominance (e.g., holding him on his back, yelling “no” at him, etc.). She said it’s common–and we’ve certainly observed–that this inspires some dogs to just fight back harder. So now, whenever he starts snapping at us or the cat, into the crate he goes, all toys taken away. Also, he doesn’t get to run around picking up toys at will. He only gets toys from us, when we say so, and after “sit” & “down.” This has really helped!

Finally, sadly, he appears to be possessed. It’s either that or allergies. We’re starting with the Benadryl, as we don’t know a good exorcist. It seems to be the same thing that was attacking Fritz when we moved in at the end of the summer. Unbearable, uncontrollable itching and/or pain attacking various body parts with no warning and leaving no mark on the body of any kind. The vets are mystified. Weird. Fritz eventually just got over it on his own. Hopefully Mr. P. will, too.

We’re totally convinced now that he’s Akita. You can tell the Keeshond is in there because of the spectacles and his littermates, but his coloring and his attitude seem to be all Akita. He’s a little small for either breed, though. But man, his feet are growing!

Characteristic of both breeds, he is very, very smart. Only 10 weeks old and all ready has “sit” and “down” as verbal commands (without the hand gestures). Learned “fetch” in an evening, even though he showed no natural inclination to retrieve whatsoever–that lesson doesn’t stick too well and we have to keep going over it, but the learning is almost instant!

That’s the news from Pisco!



1. Mickey - February 4, 2006

Ah, something to watch out about with Akitas, as I recall from my ex-boyfriend’s family’s dog. Given that they were bred to track bears, they like to do deep-earth sniffing. This resulted in Tori getting fungal pneumonia, which nearly resulted in her death, and cost her an eye. So, keep an eye on him during outside time!

2. merp - February 4, 2006

Well, he certainly does like to eat ***everything***. We’ve already caught him munching on broken glass. Today he finally gave into his profound urge to taste the broiler drawer. I think he gets it now. But fungus–yes, I worry about that.

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